Logbook Servicing

When buying a new vehicle, the warranty sold with it will protect you from certain expenses caused by faults in the vehicle’s manufacture. To ensure that any such faults are discovered as soon as possible, it’s expected that your vehicle is taken to a reputable mechanic for regularly scheduled logbook servicing.

We can conduct logbook servicing on all makes and models of petrol, diesel, and LPG powered vehicles. We’ll find any issues with your vehicle before they become a bigger headache, and you’ll leave our workshop with a warranty kept completely intact.

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Roadworthy Certificates

Marsh Mechanics is now providing worthy certificates in Maddingley. Any time a vehicle is sold, a roadworthy certificate is required. At Marsh Mechanics, we’re equipped and experts in thoroughly inspecting your vehicle to ensure its roadworthiness. 

With our Roadworthy Certificate services in Maddingley, we probide through checks and inspections to your entire vehicle including:

  • Engine, chassis and body
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Steering and suspension
  • Brakes
  • Seats
  • Lights
  • Windows including washers and wipers
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General Servicing

Even after your vehicle’s warranty has expired, keeping on top of your vehicle’s maintenance and repairs ensures it will last you long past its advertised shelf life.

We can service all makes and models of vehicles, from newer models to much-loved classics or sentimental favourites. We’ll find any issues with your vehicle before they cause more serious problems, and let you know how to best take care of your vehicle.

If you’re in the market for a secondhand vehicle, you can also make sure you’re getting your money’s worth by booking your intended purchase for a pre-purchase inspection with us.

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Tune Ups

To get the most out of your vehicle, bring it in to Marsh Mechanics and take advantage of our tuning services.

We can provide major and minor tuning services for all makes and models, including LPG vehicles. We use the latest computer software and equipment to manage your engine compressions, fuel injection and more, as well as exhaust gas analysis equipment to check and correct your vehicle’s fuel system, all to improve your vehicle’s power and efficiency when on the road.

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Brake Repairs

Brakes are your vehicle’s most important safety feature, often making the difference between an emergency stop and an expensive trip to the panel beaters.

To keep your brakes in top condition, bring your vehicle to Marsh Mechanics, where we can replace worn brake components, check your vehicle’s brake hydraulics and pedal for issues that might interfere with your braking, and if needed machine new components for your vehicle in-house.

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Air Conditioning

Particularly in Australia’s warmer months, your air conditioning can do wonders to keep your vehicle as cool and comfortable as possible during those long holiday drives, making it a necessity when on the road during summer.

At Marsh Mechanics we’re able to provide a range of services for your vehicle’s air conditioning, from cleaning vents of dust and bacteria buildup to swapping out cracked and leaking hosing. We can also re-gas your system, ensuring it has all the refrigerant it needs to keep your vehicle cool all summer long.

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Diagnostics & Auto Electrical

As vehicles have become more and more sophisticated in their use of electronics, only the most dedicated auto electricians can keep up with the rapid changes in auto electrical repairs.

Our staff have the latest in diagnostic scan tools to interpret fault codes produced by your on-board electronics and isolate the problem area of your vehicle for repair. We can also handle engine light resets, module recoding, electronic key programming and more.

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Clutch & Transmission

Trouble shifting or staying in gear, or strange noises and smells from underneath the car, are all symptoms of issues in your drivetrain, which over time can have a drastic effect on your vehicle’s performance.

We provide a range of services for your vehicle’s drivetrain, from clutch repairs to manual and automatic transmission replacement, all to help your vehicle go through its gears more efficiently and effectively. We can also repair or replace your vehicle’s differential, ensuring maximum control when going around corners.

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Suspension Repairs

Many ride comfort issues, from body roll when negotiating corners to shaking or swaying in the vehicle cabin, stem from poorly maintained suspension parts.

At Marsh Mechanics we can repair or replace a range of components in your vehicle’s suspension, from coil and leaf springs to shock absorbers and bushing.

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Other Services

We provide a host of other services for drivers throughout the Bacchus Marsh area, including:

  • wheel bearing replacement
  • new tyre fitting and tyre repairs
  • pre-trip inspections for 4x4s and caravans
  • drop-off service for customers in the local area
  • and much more
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